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Here are how scientists using MetScape in their research

Carlo Laudanna, Professor, Department of Pathology, Division of General Pathology, University of Verona, Italy

"We are using Cytoscape with MetScape to analyze metabolomic data derived from NMR studies. Basically, we are studying the metabolomic signature of human mary T-lymphocytes stimulated with chemokines in presence of different specific signaling inhibitors. Then, we wish to reconstruct metabolic networks by usietScape and infer context-specific metabolic regulation"

Charles Burant, Professor, Departments of Internal Medicine and Human Genetics, University of Michigan

..."The web interface is linked to Cytoscape to build and display the network, using several customized layouts. Once the network has been displayed in Cytoscape, the user can import the normalized experimental metabolite data. Several data points can be loaded; the color and shape of the nodes are used to represent different parameters. The plug-in allows users to cycle through the data points sequentially, while the underlying network remains unchanged".

"Examples will be shown of the integration of the data to understand the relationship between gene and metabolite data. The development of the bioinformatics tools and its application in the integration of metabolomics and gene expression data help the visualization of the connections between pathways and predictions of their involvement in the beta-cell adaptation process"...

Christopher Beecher, Research Professor, Michigan Center for Translational Pathology

"I plan on using it to find patterns that are hidden in the fairly compact but complex metabolomic dataset.  Another way to say it is MetScape allows me to cast metabolomic data into biochemical context"

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